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MH Sons CO

These are some of our awesome meeting benefits that you will love. has partnered with MH Sons CO for providing Cost Estimation services to the clients.

MH Sons CO, a Real Estate Construction Company based in Gujranwala, with its branches in multiple cities of Pakistan. Established in 2010. We’re dealing in construction, Sales & Purchase, Interior Designing & Exterior Designing for the natives and Overseas Pakistani’s as well.

MH Sons CO specialization is cost estimation, construction, design development, completion & aftercare, art & interior design, and other services under their belt.

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Cost Estimatoin Residential Prices - PKR Rs.

Up to 3 Marla = 9,000
Up to 5 Marla = 13,000
Up to 10 Marla = 27,000
Up to 15 Marla = 37,000
Up to 1 kanal = 47,000

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Cost Estimation Commercial Prices - PKR Rs.

Up to 3 Marla = 18,000
Up to 5 Marla = 26,000
Up to 10 Marla = 54,000
Up to 15 Marla = 74,000
Up to 1 kanal = 94,000

Overseas Pakistanis Save Time and Money

Taxes: Charged separately as per provincial basis.

Refund Policy: 50% as per industry

Requirements for Cost Estimation

We need following items to start your Cost Estimation! Please note that we require the AutoCAD files for all the mentioned drawings below. In case you do not have the availability of the AutoCAD drawings there will be additional cost added. You will be informed by
  • Structural Drawings
  • Columns Layout plan
  • Walls Layout plan & Section details
  • Foundation Layout Plan
  • Section details of Footing & Joints
  • Lintol Beam Band layout plan
  • Slab reinforcement plan
  • Working drawings of Walls and Elevation
  • Section details of Beams
  • Section details of Under Ground Water Tank (UGWT)
  • Section details of Septic Tank
  • Section details of Over Head Water Tank (OHWT)

Consultation Benefits


Make Informed Decisions

You can make informed decisions by getting several bids on the projects.


Project Research

Communicate with several vendors and research about prices and technology to get your project finish in budget.


Project Analysis

Vendors will provide analysis of your projects either big or small.


Construction Industry Trends

Construction Consultants meetings will let you know about new trends in construction industry and labour market.


Estimator's Team

Team of professional estimators and experts will share BOQ, labour cost, material cost, and more.



Ask any and as many questions as you need to. No question will be turned away. It is better to ask questions in the beginning.


Face-to-face Meetings

Physical meets at offices, home, or any indoor cafe in Karachi. Complimentary tea/coffee and biscuits.


Online Meetings

Overseas Pakistanis can schedule an appointment and conduct online meetings and video chats using Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, or any other app.


What's included in Cost Estimation?

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First Phase

Client; name, telephone & email, city, residential or commercial, Walls Layout plan & Section details, and Foundation Layout Plan

Plot; size, shape, location, type, estimated investment amount.

Construction; grey or complete structure, interior and exterior design.

Architect designs; construction maps, electrical, sewage, and 3D.

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Second Phase

Discuss about ideas and thoughts on cost, labour relations, vendor relations, choosing contractor, and whatever is necessary in the construction field.

Wrap up includes providing excel sheet of estimated cost of construction and architect cost.

Overseas Pakistanis Save Time and Money
Third Phase

Reports includes material and labour cost depending on the scope of the work and will be send in excel sheets through your email.

After Consultation Support includes answering of any queries through emails or calls. Any site visit is charges at an additional cost. Post support is helpful in finding out an estimate or general technical questions.

What qualities does an estimator has?

Cost Estimator is an expert in their field. works with experienced estimators. Our clients are updated on a daily basis about any construction projects.
  • Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of products, projects and services and track actual costs.
  • Collect historical cost data to estimate current or future product costs.
  • Discuss any changes or adjustments to cost estimates with engineers, architects, owners, contractors and subcontractors.
  • Consult with customers, suppliers, other departmental employees and site managers to develop quotes and resolve issues.
  • Analyze blueprints and other documents to create time, cost, material and labor estimates. Create cost estimates for selecting suppliers or subcontractors.
  • Create estimates that management uses to plan, organize, and schedule work.
  • Conduct dedicated research to develop and establish associated cost data or reduce costs.
  • Consider material and labor requirements to determine if manufacturing or purchasing the component is more cost effective.
  • Create and maintain a directory of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors. Establish expense tracking and reporting systems and procedures.
  • Create and maintain bidding processes and conduct negotiations.
  • Periodically prepare cost and expense reports and other required documentation during the project.
  • Visit sites to collect access, drainage, terrain information, availability of public services, and more. 
MH Sons Cost Estimation
  • I had a consultation with team and I was able to make a decision about the construction project!

  • I consulted for a renovation project and I got good advise.

  • My team contacted from Switzerland for a client in Karachi to have a paint project consulted by!

Q&A Session Disclaimer


Our Q&A Session lets you ask a general question to an independent muzdoor/vendor in the network. Please note that communications between you and a participating muzdoor/vendor through this Q&A Session may not be confidential or otherwise protected. By using our Q&A Session, you consent to sharing such personal information for the purpose answering. is not a plumbing/electrical/construction/contractor. We provide these services through our registered third party muzdoor/vendors. will not influence or interfere in any way with any muzdoor/vendor's independent professional judgment and participating muzdoor/vendors reserve the right to refuse to answer your question in their sole discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got answers!

Is the cost estimation free?

No. There are several price factors. Please see above of this page to view the pricing.

How much time will an estimator give me?

Depends on the full given information on hand with an estimator.

Will you cover site visit in the cost estimation fee?

No. There is an additional charge for the site visit and depends on the number of visits. Please email for more information.

How much is your Per Hour charge?

You can purchase block of support hours. Per hour depends on scope of work. We calculate project hours and then calculate per charges. Please email for more information.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept credit cards or advanced bank deposits to our business bank account. is a division of Intelisales, which is Register of Firm company. Intelisales is FBR, SRB and NTN registered company. The proof is available. is a division of Intelisales. All payments must be advanced deposited to Intelisales business bank account.

Can I cancel the cost estimation?

Yes, with a 50% refund policy.

Product Policies

Legal Compliance - Please Read Carefully

How Cost Estimation works?
  • Customer fills the form at the top of this page and sends us the form by submitting the form.
  • Customer can pay in advance through credit card such Visa and MasterCard.
  • representative will call back the customer to setup an appointment with expert.
  • expert will call the customer within 24 hours.
  • expert will take from ten (10) days to one (1) month depending on information given from the client.
  • There is no physical visit. If physical visit is required, there will be an extra cost depending on the customer site distance.
Cost Estimation Refund Policy - Updated on Friday June 23, 2023
  • For telephone and online based meeting; there is no refund.
  • For a face-to-face meeting; there is a 50% refund.
  • If you have a picture or video to show then please email to the muzdoor/vendor directly via email.
Q&A Session Shipping Policy - Updated on Friday June 23, 2023
  • Cost Estimation is a face-to-face or online meeting based product.
  • Cost Estimation is not a downloadable product.
  • There are reports that will be emailed or mailed by post mail.
Cost Estimation Customers Complaint Handling - Updated on Friday June 23, 2023
  • Customer is king. will listen to you. is a customer-centric company.
  • seeks continuous improvement in our system
  • Cost Estimation complaint is handled through email at
  • Write a letter: ATTN Q&A Session Department -; Anum Estate Building, Suite #611, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi 75400, Sindh, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  • Telephone and WhatsApp Message: 0330-MUZDOOR | 0330-689-3667
  • Terms and conditions apply. Please email for more information.

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