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Protect Your Haven: Professional Waterproofing & Roof Heat Proofing Services

Waterproofing and Roof Heat Proofing is a procedure where you can reduce heat from the roof side of the room. This usually occurs when someone’s room is at the top floor either in a house or an apartment.

The apartment owners usually do not do this procedure because the their apartment union will not pay for it. However, house owners do order these heat proofing because this they can reduce they air conditioner A/C bill and also reduce the heat in overall of the house.

Advatnages of Cool Roofs

  • Lowering the demand for air conditioning to lower energy costs
  • Assisting in the adequate cooling of older, inefficient (or inadequate) air conditioners for the current, hotter summers
  • Allowing for the downsizing of new or replacement air conditioners, saving money, and maybe boosting cooling effectiveness
  • Enhancing indoor safety and comfort in places without air conditioning
  • Lowering the temperature of the roof, which could increase its lifespan

Additionally, a winter heating penalty may apply to cool roofs. In other words, if the roof absorbs less sunlight, there will be less heat transfer into the structure, increasing the requirement for mechanical heating during the winter. Cool roofs have advantages for the environment in addition to the structure itself, particularly when there are several such buildings in a neighborhood. Warm roofs can:

  • Lower local outside air temperatures would mitigate the impact of the urban heat island effect
  • By lowering the outdoor air temperature, you can reduce the temperature-dependent development of smog from air contaminants.
  • Lowering the peak electricity consumption can aid in preventing power disruptions.
  • Reduce the need for energy to cool buildings, hence lowering emissions from power plants.
  • Increase the reflection of amount of sunlight into space to help combat global warming.

Reduce Inside Temperature

You want to reduce the inside temperature of the house because of several reasons. The first and the main is that it will reduce your electricity bill. Usually, when the house is constructed, the house owner usually orders 7-inch brick for their home construction. Why thick brick? It helps to reduce heat. However, it does increases the construction cost. So, house owners will the brick size to 6-inch or 5-inch.

Second reason is that you really want to cool your appliances specially refrigerator, fridge, personal computers, television, etc. These days due to Covid-19, almost everyone is working from home. They have several monitors mounted in a room to increase the monitor view. These monitors discharge heat and you need air condition to cool them off. It’s like their room has become Network Operation Centre (NOC). We have seen monitors in excess of ten monitors only in one room with several CPUs running at the same time.

Nowadays, in Pakistan, dish washer is being used inside an apartment and the house. On the top, house owners keep 1 fridge and 1 chest freezer. They produce heat. This also impacts your electricity. People do not realize that. These electronic appliances must be green appliances.

Waterproofing and Roof Heat Proofing Coatings

Cool roof means cool house. An individual, or a family house; everyone enjoys a cooler place to live. We want to decrease the need of air condition in our houses and apartments. The only way we can do is to reduce heat from exterior factors.

There are many solutions available. However, the surface that is exposed to the sun will determine its hotness or coolness. A simple solution is to layer the roof with white or special UV reflective pigment. These pigments are very thick paints that reduces Ultra Violet (UV) Rays from the sun. These paints can also reduce damage from water.

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