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Barb Wires


Barb Wires or razor wires is the new offerings from We have partnership with a vendor that provides barbed wires across Karachi and other areas in Pakistan.

Our partner can provide residential and commercial barbed wire solutions. partner can assist you from the area mapping, material purchase, and installation.

BARB WIRES PARTNER barb wire partner is Zuha Engineering. Our partner started out young, however, their works for itself. In less than three (3) years Zuha Engineering has substantial clients.

Zuha Engineering started in 2019. They survived pandemic. The business suffered a lot. However, they business turn-around mid of the year 2020.

Our customers can approach them directly or through us. If any customer mentions; Zuha Engineering may give discount. You never know.


There are several types.

  • Single Twist
  • Double Twist
  • Traditional Twist
  • Galvanized
  • PVC Coated
  • Concertina Wire
  • Welded Razor Wire
  • BARB WIRES IN MURREE and Zuha Engineering parterend with a client in Murree and provided barb wires and razor wires. We delivered the wires by train cargo. It took three (3) days to reach in Murree.

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