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Expert Construction Consultants in Pakistan

There are several construction consultants in Pakistan. However, majority of the residential investors do not hire construction consultant due to high cost. However, what they don’t understand is how to communicate with the contractors and vendors. What happens is a disaster to investor funds. These funds are meant for construction. In result, the investor loses it and does not show in taxes to claim.

Construction Consultants in Pakistan

The Pakistani real estate investor need to self-educate on construction cost, types, and hidden factors. This will lead to calculation and human errors. The construction consultants in Pakistan can assist you with any projects.

Consultancy is a professional skill. Any construction job is a project. There is a science behind it and real time calculations are done before the start of the construction. Consultants are typically appointed by the client to perform expert level tasks on a construction.


  • Providing advice on setting up and defining the project
  • Developing the design plan
  • Preparing documentation and information
  • Contract administration
  • Inspection of the work of a contractor


  • Architect
  • Cost Consultant
  • Services Engineer
  • Structural Engineer

Overseas Pakistani investor can deal with these specialized consultant team members or hire a construction consultants. has consulted several overseas Pakistanis from United states of America, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and United Kingdom. They hired us for consultation on the renovation projects, cost comparison, and general advice on the construction and renovation.

Keep in mind, that overseas Pakistanis need construction consultants in Pakistan to maintain their real estate assets. The monthly maintenance is very important to keep the real estate value at par in the market.

The Pakistani real estate market is changing on a daily basis as with other geographical locations. There are several new constructions and new high rise buildings are erecting. These high rise apartments have from one rooms to five rooms easily. can handle your real estate projects and lay down the cost for you in a specialized manner. We are professional construction consultants in Pakistan.

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  • Identify type of consultation
  • Discuss ideas, cost, labour relations, vendor relations, choosing contractor, and whatever is necessary in the construction field.
  • Wrap up includes providing excel sheet of estimated cost of construction and architect cost


  • Visit Consultation Cost required - This cost includes 13% taxes.
  • 5-Hour consultation required
  • Payment in advance required and must be deposited in the business bank account
  • If the consultant shows up and client does not show up, then there is a deduction of consultant and tax fee. will only refund rest of the fee after paying consultant and 13% taxes to Sindh Revenue Board (SRB).


  • Location expert
  • Real estate expert
  • Recommend location, construction related ideas
  • Discuss cost of all types
  • Spend time and educate investor about construction
  • Be focus and tell the customer about inside and outside tips
  • Communicate properly with the investor
  • Experienced working with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)
  • Report to's management
  • Collect complete investor data (form will be shared)

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