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The word shuttering scaffolding is commonly used in Pakistan. However, another terminology is formwork. Both terminologies holds almost the same meaning. Pouring a concrete in the shuttering structure is a formwork process. We will discuss about it here.


There are several types of shuttering depending on the structure, budget, and site. All the materials are reusable.

  • Wood
  • Steel or Iron
  • Plastic
  • Other types


  • Single
  • Double
  • Cantilever
  • Suspended
  • Trestle
  • Steel
  • Patented


Shuttering scaffolding is the most important part of the construction. It is also costly and depends on what material a person need to use. In Pakistan, the traditional way is wood shuttering. However, technology has changed and so is the cost. The pricing on new technology has reduced the amount of time required in shuttering. For example, steel or iron shutting can last long to roughly thirty years if compared to the wood shuttering.

If you have a plot and requires a new construction then you must find out what kind of shuttering a muzdoor or a contractor will use. The first answer you will hear is the wood shuttering. The shuttering material cost will indirectly impact your overall housing construction budget. Most of the time, a plot owner don’t care about what technology a contractor is using. Nevertheless, this must be a part of discussion between a contractor and the plot owner.

Furthermore, the iron bars used in the shuttering will have a direct impact on the cost. A plot owner must be a keen observer if the contractor is actually using proper iron bars or not. Plot owners cost can go up if you specifically hire a person and deploy them on site to see and supervise the contractor’s labours. Yes, the cost goes up but your supervisor will update the daily work.


The removal of shuttering is also a big step. Firstly, the contractor must look for any damages and leaks. Secondly, look for settlement. For example, once the shuttering is complete, the newly constructed building settles down the soil or land after few years. The settling process can take from one year to five years. A home owner will see cracks in the walls. If you see them, then it means the building is settling down in the soil or land.

Leakage is another issue in the shuttering. When the rain falls, water can leaked from the electrical socket in the ceiling. A leakage test will show results before removing of the shuttering. It requires time and effort. A contractor is sincere with their work and will deliver the product correctly without any errors.

A plot is an asset to the owner, but a product to the contractor. It is home owner’s responsibility to educate themselves on the shuttering, background and work reference checks of the contractors and labours. After all the checking, humans are still prone to make mistakes. A home owners can only reduce the human errors.

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