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Mansoor Ul Abedin, CEO idea started as a .pk tld back in 2018. Mansoor hired a plumber and an electrician and started generating leads for these two vendors. was acquired in 2019 accidentally. Mansoor has more than twenty five years of experience in working with startup companies and problems they face. He has helped small businesses which have grown from one employee to more than sixty employees in less than two years. He has been involved from the development of database systems to the operational management and implementation of database.

Mansoor has also worked as a Senior Campaign and Training Manager for a large BPO organization in Pakistan. He was involved in the campaign handling, client coordination with the training on US and UK culture to Pakistani call center agents.

He has graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry Institute of Technology in 2000 from USA. He has extensively traveled to USA, England, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. He is currently residing in Karachi, Pakistan.

Ahmer Raza, Chief Product Engineer

Ahmer’s role is to engineer online platform. Ahmer is already a software house and has developed software for major TV network in Karachi. He is involved in enterprise software development, desktop application development, mobile application development, E-Commerce solutions.

His product lines include Customer Relationship Management for pharmaceutical sales department, TV media ticker software development for a major national TV network, ERP management system for educational institution, HR management system, inventory management system, and accounting system.

He is a graduate of Iqra University in Computer Engineering in 2000. He is married and has four lovely children. He is currently residing in Karachi, Pakistan.

Shaheer Ahmed Khan, Assistant Marketing Manager

Shaheer Khan a Assistant Marketing Manager at He has worked on several digital projects for several clients with an overall of six years of an industry experience. He is an expert in making designs for brand communications, a photographer and videographer.

He creatively visualize ideas to videos from brand testimonials to product images, working to enhance the quality and business idea.

He graduated in Bachelor's of Science in Media Science (Advertising) in 2019 from Iqra University (Main Campus). He currently resides in Karachi, Pakistan.

Anwar Kashif Mumtaz, Advisor

Mr. Mumtaz is an accredited mediator from Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). He is also one of the founding members of Pakistan Mediator Association (PMA).

His advisory offers guidance, by reviewing goals, objectives and progress of the organization.

Anwar Kashif Mumtaz, Advocate Supreme Court is a Senior Partner of M/s. Saiduddin & Co., a Tax and Corporate Law Firm in Pakistan. He is a Certified International Trainer on Leadership & Personal Development and also CEDR accredited Master Trainer. He has served as a Secretary General, Vice President and President of Karachi Tax Bar and Secretary General of Pakistan Tax Bar. Presently he is President of Pakistan Mediator’s Association. He is also an Executive Committee Member of Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan (PILAP).

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